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  • SKC Dog Show Jan 2010

    I was glad to be given the chance to cover the first dog show of the year(180th since it started) organized by the Singapore Kennel Club! Call it a beauty pageant for dogs but its the one place you will get to see all kinds of dog breeds. In between covering the ring action i decided to sneak in a few candids as and when i could :)

    Wide angles and labs always go together well.

    Pepper the sweet camera loving Schnauzer on the left 😀

    And of course bull dogs just cry out for some 17mm shots.. thanks to my friend who lent me the 17-40 !

    Some of the back-stage shots of dogs chilling before thier turn in the ring..


    Jazz’s babies 😀 Tried to sneak a few candids.. they all happened to look at her as she as walking back. Open shade even in the full afternoon light still works well 😀

    And of course there will be puppies!

    Ending off with two headshots..a super-model saluki…

    And a “awww” faced beagle.. hard to resist that look…

    Needless to say at the end of it all I was feeling like the following..

    Hope you’ve enjoyed the pictures! If you recognize your dog here or remember that I might have taken your’s drop me a comment or email!

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    9 Responses to “SKC Dog Show Jan 2010”

    1. Daphne Maia says:

      the doggies are so cute i wanna hug all of them! esp the… yes u got it.. the golden retrievers. haha… 😛

    2. uLi says:

      Wow……cute and good photos on the doggie :)

    3. mavis says:

      love this series! you’re a good photographer.

    4. rachel says:

      awesome as always nick! 😀

    5. Paul Yeo says:

      I always enjoyed look at photos of cute dog dog 😛

    6. Bev says:

      Beautiful, beautiful shots. Great work!

    7. leesia says:

      AWESOME event coverage!! love all the photos — the saluki is particularly gorgeous and the bulldog tongue is too much! great stuff.

    8. nick says:

      Thanks for the love all 😀 Hope to be able to shoot more soon!

    9. Hannah says:

      I saw Pepper’s photo!
      Pepper’s owner here.
      She’s so cute!
      I would love to go shooting with you at Mutts & Mittens someday.
      Let me know when you’re free.

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