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Furry Photos is run by Nicholas Lee, a freelance photographer based in Singapore. He specialises in location shoots away from the confines of a studio, capturing candid and spontaneous memories of your best friend/pet/furkid/soulmate (or friends). Furry Photos, photography for the Modern Pet.
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  • Caturday: Dorian and Faye

    I had a chance to visit those 2 adorable kittens again and my how much they have grown since our last encounter! Still amazingly fluffy, they have gotten alot more curious and playful.. I think I will let the pictures do the talking..

    Dorian is certainly a handsome chap..

    And Faye is a little tigress!

    They kinda play nice together…

    But faye really goes at it with gusto and speed. Ended up with alot of missed shots like the following… Supercat on the right 😉

    After a few tries I finally managed to get a few decent ones.

    Dorain on the other paw was a much more calulative one, choosing only to strike when he knows he can get it.

    And my two favorite outtakes from the session..

    *edit* at the request of Daphne… Faye’s RAWRRRR

    Happy caturday!

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    6 Responses to “Caturday: Dorian and Faye”

    1. Carly says:

      Love, love, love these kitten pictures! The yawning is adorable, as are the bottom 2!

    2. Daphne Maia says:

      u didn’t post the yawning sequenced pics! 😛

    3. Knanaki says:

      these are lovely shots of Faye and Dorian!

    4. wow!…incredibly cute.

    5. nick says:

      Thanks all! Yeap those 2 are super cute!

    6. leesia says:

      soooooo sweet!! the eyes just POP in those first ones. gorgeous work as always!

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