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About Nicholas Lee

Nicholas, the man behind the camera, was once a withdrawn and shy teenager with very few words. Upon enlisting in the army, he was assigned to the K-9 unit with the Singapore Air Force.

Bit by bit, he began exploring taking photographs of his furry friends in the service, for record purposes. Upon completing his service, Nicholas began volunteering with animal welfare organizations, often helping them photograph animals for rehoming or for publicity purposes. To date, Nicholas still volunteers and offers his time and services to many animal welfare groups in Singapore, helping many dogs and cats around Singapore find new homes and new families.

In 2006, Nicholas began his professional journey in photographing animals with their human families. Over the years, Nicholas has developed a distinct style of pet photography, creating albums of beautiful memories for clients, full of dynamic action shots, family portraits, candid moments of the relationship between animal and human, and pets just being themselves. He also often photographs special celebrations and occasions of families with their beloved pets, at pawties and very rarely, weddings of pet owners.

Currently in his 16th year as a pet photographer, Nicholas continues his work in bringing smiles to pet owners, and over years, tears of joy and remembrance to owners of senior pets who have crossed the rainbow bridge.

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