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Furry Photos is run by Nicholas Lee, a freelance photographer based in Singapore. He specialises in location shoots away from the confines of a studio, capturing candid and spontaneous memories of your best friend/pet/furkid/soulmate (or friends). Furry Photos, photography for the Modern Pet.
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    Portrait: Mango

    Thursday, July 24th, 2014

    I always enjoy Senior sessions. While they may not have the high energy drive of a young dog, boy do they have stories to tell. Well at least their pawrents do in any case.  Mango’s mummy told me about her exploits in training her and how all her little things bring that much joy to her..





    Portrait: Popsicle, Snapple, Chelsea and Harper

    Sunday, July 13th, 2014

    The sky was pretty gloomy and we were afraid that it was going to rain but still soldiered on! This would also be my first shoot with a dog that had two wheels! First up though the old man and lady :)



    She is almost blind but still braves the walks :)

    They do make quite a cute pair no?

    Next is another older lady who doesnt act her age at all. Chelsea!


    Then there is Harper who does not fully understand the power of her wheels =p Look how far she has come!

    Even without her wheels she can move long pretty well :D

    Possibly one of the most challenging group shots to date.



    We end with portraits of the two ladies behind Hope dog rescue. Fiona and Lisa! Keep up the good work to make life better for dogs here in Singapore!




    Portriat: Lex and Kevyn

    Thursday, July 3rd, 2014

    Some quick adoption portraits for two adorable kittens Lex and Kevyn. Links lead to their rescue stories :)

    Lex very curious and playful


    Kevyn is still quite young but quite outgoing and playful too!

    The lizard was THIS BIG


    Bonus Gurly and pawtographer Kieran!


    Adoption details for Lex

    Adoption Details for Kieran

    Adoption Details for Gurly

    Adoption details for Kevyn

    Portrait: Coco

    Saturday, June 14th, 2014

    Coco was adopted by Amanda from Mutts and Mittens, a shelter/boarding facility whose pictures appear on this site quite often :D It’s always quite amazing to see how much dogs blossom once in a loving home…