Love Kuching: Garry, Gurly, Gale

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Meet Garry, Gurly and Gale! These three playful kittens were rescued around the Guillemard area and are a mix of the very playful/active type and lapcat.

Garry the handsome orange tabby boy


Gale the quiet brindle girl.


And Gurly, the somewhat female version of Garry


When they start playing it’s quite hard to keep up..


Murder never looked so cute. And boy does Gurly get some hang time with that leap!


Based on Elaine’s observations, Garry and Gurly are quite well suited for each other and need to be adopted together as Garry is quite close to her.

That is not to say that Gale and Gurly don’t get along but it’s quite clear that Gurly takes a more pro-active approach to play.


Bonus video of all three of them in action!


If you’d like to adopt any of these cuties do check out Love Kuching’s blog post on them to find out more!



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