Portrait: Angus

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Angus’ foster mom contacted me with a sense of urgency, he had been diagnosed with cancer of the spleen and given his age, surgery to remove it would have had too much complications. Her aim was simple, to capture Angus has he was so that he wont be forgotten. He is the friendly sort but not in the over-enthusiastic Labrador way. He comes up to you calmly to give a sniff and maybe a lick then proceeds on to do what he is more interested in.  Most of the times during the session he would just stand or sit then keep staring at you with that steady gaze. His mom said she found it a little unnerving at first. Its hard not to feel something when looking right back into those mesmerising eyes.


He has has a rough life, moving from the US to here and while his previous dad did like him, his mom was not exactly keen on him, which does explain why he prefers the company of guys. Still his current foster mom showers plenty of love and affection on him. He even has custom made fries for treats at times :O


Given his working nature, he looks very intense when he has a task.


Even while resting he still seems alert.

One quick candid snap I took of Angus with his foster mom. I know she didn’t want to be included with him but I felt that the moment was too good not to take 🙂

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