LoveKuching: Kieran, Carey, Charley and Kimmi

By October 7, 2013Blog, Portraits

A quick update on some new kittens over for adoption at Love Kuching . This rowdy bunch of four kittens was born to Celine before her caregivers could sterilise her.

The pretty mama in question..

Next up was the hyperactive Kieran. But Mama would not let her go without a bath first =p


  Next is the slightly more chillax Carey on my new patented portable cat platform =p

Tiny claws!

Little Charley who was a little shyer

 And the baby of the lot, Kimmi. Love those Yoda ears and that annoyed stare 😀


As a bonus we have Cooky who has that big ADOPT ME eyes.


Echo looking dignified as always

And Love Kuching’s new socialisation animal, a mongrel pup called Scotty!




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