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More Mutts

By December 3, 2008MuttsNMittens

Its good to be back! Been kinda quiet as I had lods of exams to cram for but will try and update this place at least weekly for the month. Here’s some quick snaps of the mutts at MuttsNMittens!

Click for larger images!


Whitey enjoying a nice roll in goodness knows what =p

And a proper profile shot.

And a dog named well.. Doggy

And at the request of a friend some shots of Xiao En..

In profile..

He may have some collie blood in him but this is the only way its goning to show physically 😀

He did have a really fun time romping around the run though

Hope you;ve enjoyed this.. For my next post.. more of Nero (now called Nerus) and a Wire-Haired Fox Poo!


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