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Went up to MnM again to take the kittens but decided to go visit some dogs too while there. Most of the new ones up for adoption are still in quarrantine and I was not able to bring them out for a shoot yet. Still there were some old residents that were more than willing to model 🙂

My old gf San Bao haha

Then later I got to meet Rio this crazy friendly and exteremly hyper rottie. He is a cutie but it was VERY hard to get a picture of him sitting still so in the end I ran around with him to try and get a shot..

One of the failed attempts…

One nice one where he alllmost got the toy out of my hand..

Running around with the ‘bait’

Gotta love that crazy face 😀

Thats all for now and thanks for viewing 🙂

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