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I’m sure many of you in Singapore are quite aware of the 75 dogs abandoned from the puppy mill and the kind souls who have banded together to help nurse them back to health and rehome them. They are still looking for volunteers and donations. More information on how you can help over here.

While it is easy to do a google search for “puppy mill’ and read and see all the horrors that dogs are put though just for commercial gains, nothing hits harder then when you actually see it for yourself.

I will be dedicating a separate blog post on my experiences there but for now I will share one image that I think summarizes it quite well.

Meet Opera, just one of the 75 dogs who lived though the hell of a puppy mill. In her eyes, you can see sadness and pain of the years she endured in there and at the same time a glimmer of hopeful optimism. Hope that she will not have to endure being a living breeding machine. Hope that maybe someday she can finally live her life as a dog should.

Opera the beagle, rescued from a puppy mill

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  • Alicia says:

    You capture every expression of the animals so well. This picture is heartbreaking. Thank you and bless you, Nic. ~ Alicia

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