Dukaki Party 2010

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Ever attended a cat party? Well this was my first one and it happened to be the party of the very awesome Duke Orange. He is a celebrity in the social media space with a twitter account, facebook page, tumblr blog and even a formspring account to cater to questions about his Bao (steamed bun) obsessions. During the lead up to his party, he invited his fans (aka Dukaki which means duke’s kaki’s where kaki means follower) to donate to the Cat Welfare’s Society’s (CWS)Spay day fund. The reason why was because Duke was found via CWS 🙂

Full event photos are at the facebook page

The pre-event donations hit $1.7k!. Their ears are tipped to show that they have been sterilized 😀 There was also some fund raisers and auctions during the event , we are still awaiting for duke to announce the amounts!

Here you see the list of potential names he was supposed to be called. Orange slut is my fav 😀

The handsome boy in the fur

I had loads of fun and all for a good cause too! Hope you enjoyed the photos 🙂

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