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Love Kuching: More Meows

By March 6, 2011February 6th, 2012Others, Portraits

You may have already read the earlier post on the Love Kuching adoptable cats.  New here are a few of their own resident felines and a pair that have found a forever home!

First are are the feisty pair of Wine (red tabby) and Seven (silver tabby) who have been successfully adopted!

They play quite roughly together and Wine seems to be the more outgoing one…

But once alone she becomes a little more reserved..

Practicing her future ROAR 😀

Seven is just as curious and cute as ever 😀

Next up are the resident cats.

Slinky, their founding member.

Sayang, the mascot who likes to lie down on top of the cat tree

Scooter, who was kinda grouchy=p used to take care of the new kittens

Sealy (aka gong gong) the Siamese with a delayed reaction time 😀

Messing with your perception is one of his many talents as well!

Yes he maybe a little awkward,

There is no denying he is a handsome fella!








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