Love Kuching: October Adotables

By October 9, 2011Others, Portraits

It has been almost two months since my last visit to this small rescue/foster effort and August being a traditionally slow month for adoptions, have quite a few kitties looking for new homes.

First up some of the Older kitties, playful Echo  the tortie and manja Winky the b/w kitten.


Next batch comes from a rescue of some kitties from French Road, now known as the Frenchies. They are still a little bit sick but have been recovering well lately.

There are two ginger boys, Jaimie (left) and Marcel (right)


And their sister Chanel

She is the playful sort too..


Next up we have three kittens from the “Whities Group”. First one being Princess who likes to play but on on her terms. She also has the roundest eyes of the batch 🙂

Next up is the very hyper Ellis

She can entertain herself for long periods with a simple little jingle toy

And enjoys a little rough housing with her brother Aryan..


Aryan, is a very handsome cat and he knows how to work the camera..

He can look like a goof-ball while playing though and can be quite a handful.

But its hard to say no to such a face eh?

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