MnM: Uno and Scar

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Quick post on some adoptables over at MnM.

First up is Scar with a  few words from the rescuer “He is 2 to 3 yrs old and extremely friendly. He has FIV. With proper care (like NOT letting him roam and giving medium range cat food), FIV cats can live more than 10 yrs. WIth FIV cats, he will also has to be the only cat in the household.”

He may look fierce but is actually just a very vocal and manja boy 🙂



Next up is playful little Uno. Again a short description from the rescuer (emphasis mine)

“The story that was told to me when I went to take him is that Uno was passed off as a lab puppy and sold to an expatriate for $2K.  As Uno grew, it was apparent that Uno was not a lab and the expat thus gave him up to a local family who then passed it over to a fish farm.  All went well until AVA raided the fish farm and told the mgt that dogs are not allowed and are to be removed from the farm.

That was when me and A  got the call from the family to come rescue Uno cos if AVA comes in, Uno will be put down.

Uno is a 6/7 month old male mongrel.  Very friendly and playful.  He needs a firm hand cos he lacks discipline and will try to have things his way. His toilet habit is outdoor trained and needs to be exercised daily cos he is quite active (still a puppy).  He outgrowing his young teeth so he will play bite.  He has been vaccinated and dewormed and will be sterilised today (He is sterlised by now, Nick) .  He is free from ticks and is healthy. He is human friendly.  I think he lacks social skills when comes to other dogs cos he is not quick in accepting other dogs.  He needs time to know another dog before accepting the other dog.  But he is not excessively aggressive, just dun like if other dog is too forward or keeps nudging him.




Sometimes cheeky..


And also quite handsome 😉


And most importantly ready for a home!

Interested to adopt? Drop an email to call MnM at 6583 7371

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