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Event: Juliet’s Third Barkday

By December 23, 2012Blog, Events

The last time I met her was at her 1st birthday party. Now the little girl has grown up quite a bit since and according to her mom, became even more opinionated. While the weather did put a damper on the occasion, the wetness did not stop the dogs from having fun. I was also having some fun myself trying out a new technique with these little GoPro Hero3 action cams which I rented (now seriously considering to buy) and subsequently strapped onto the barkday girl so she could take some clips of the party from her point of view. The footage is a mix of shots taken from a low perspective and a few from the ‘collar mount’. While it does get a little shaky it is quite interesting to see things from her point of view no? Be dure to view in HD!

Of course I also needed to get the stills and boy was it a challenge keeping the mud off the lens with many dogs running around 🙂 Still it was lots of fun for all (especially the dogs)




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