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MnM: Oreo, Bingo, Tripod, Dolly and Betty

By February 27, 2013Blog, MuttsNMittens

Quick profile of more adoptable mutts over at Mutts N Mittens

Oreo is your typical happy and enthusiastic mongrel 😀


Then there is Tripod whose 3 legs don’t slow him down at all.


Then we have Bingo who puts all 4 legs to VERY good use. Still a little skittish with strangers though.


Dolly who is a little hyper and will need a firmer hand.. easily bribed though.

Then we have manja Betty who just came in not long ago. She has an accident before and now walks with a permanent limp. All you see when you meet her though is this happy grin as she runs up to meet you 🙂



To adopt or arrange for a viewing session drop them at email at  [email protected]


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