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Portrait: Husky and Zena

By March 21, 2013February 21st, 2017Blog, Portraits

Two “siblings” about 8 years in age apart with two very different personalities. During our first meeting I was a little worried especially since it was clear that Zena (the younger one) really was painfully shy and would only respond well with some food and her Mommy.  In the end we did the shoot using “Mommy” Karen as the live bait most of the time 😀

We started out accompanying them on their morning walks 🙂

While Zena did get nervous around the lens, Husky was more than happy to pose if there were treats involved.


Soon, we headed back to thier fav hangout cafe where they loved to chill after walks. (I think “Mom and Dad” needed the rest more :D)


I think these last two photos speak volumes for the phrase, like mother like daughter 🙂


Hope you enjoyed the pics. I think they were worth sweating out a Sunday morning for 😀


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