National Geographic Channel Free Pet Shop 2014 – Pictures

By October 7, 2014Blog, Events

It was a dramatic start with heavy rain threatening to delay the entire event. Thankfully (I think) it let up pretty soon and was replaced by a humid heat.

Here are some of the more interesting sights over the two days of the event.

This bad-ass dachshund


This emcee who entertained the dog by howling

This dog who could not wait 5 more minutes


This dog who ignored the warning.

This dog who has not grown into his ears yet.


These synchronised ball divers =p


This tired but happy pug!

See more at this gallery


Thanks for the many of you who turned up to come by out little booth to say hi and get some pictures taken! Some random selects.

You can see the full set over at  this facebook gallery

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