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Senior Portrait: Tarzan

By December 23, 2014Blog, Portraits

Meeting this guy for the first time, it was hard to believe that he was already 10 years old! Still a very lively fella (as long as you had the treats…)

The classic feather duster tail, white around the edges but still moves as fast..

Being older he does tend to miss a few catches, but the faces are quire worth it..

Silly yet charming at the same time


He does have this odd liking for a head massage done this way..

Other than that, he enjoys nothing more than a full on scratch/petting session!

In case you cannot get enough of his shoik face.. here are two more videos of how much he enjoyed the session.

A video posted by Nicholas Lee (@furryphotos) on

A video posted by Nicholas Lee (@furryphotos) on


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