Event Shoot: Agility Dogs

By January 25, 2015Blog, Events

Shooting dogs is not easy, shooting dogs that move fast is an even bigger challenge! Thanks to Michelle from Pup Pup ‘N Away who let me crash on a practice session with her fellow agility friends from Clean Run Agility Club!

Some of them warmed up with some frisbee jumps…as you can see they might not get it 100% of the time..

Quite a few weaves

And quite rare to see a CKCS!

Plenty of jumping too

Also as this was a training session, things did go awry.. Romeo here decided that the A frame was more fun than the tunnel…and later when he was SUPPOSED to go into on the A-frame…well yea you get the idea..

I also had the chance to test out a remote camera setup to get some shots which I may not have been able to get otherwise!

If you’d like to know more do check out Clean Run Agility Club


For more pictures check out this facebook page post for more!

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