Wascally Wabbits: HRSS 2009 Calendar

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Sorry all for the long break but I have been very busy with tons of non furry related shoots. Here is a post that I wanted to post up long ago but didn’t have the chance as yet.

I was approached by HRSS to help in their 2009 calendar. At this point in time I had jsut finished with the Noah’s Ark one and had no experience taking any pictures of rabbits and was a little afraid of taking up the assignment. In the end I decided it would be a great way to try something new and help out a good cause 🙂

In short I’m happy to present to you the HRSS 2009 Calendar portraits!

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Nozie the cover boy!


Willie and Gracie (January)

Bubbles (February)

Bumber (March)



Felicia (June)


Dalene and Daliah (August)

Teri (September)

Leap (October)

Maple + Kits (November)

Duke and Dutchess (December)

Phew thats all! Do remember to check out HRSS and thanks for viewing. Hope you enjoyed them as much as I have learning to photograph rabbits hehe..

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  • leesia says:

    these are great, nick! i had my first (and only, so far) session with rabbits a few months ago so i know how difficult this must have been — they don’t respond to whistles and squeakies like dogs! :p the hardest part for me was getting used to the idea that i needed to see them from the side and not straight-on b/c of where their eyes are…and then the crazy thumping when we had more than one rabbit out a time and some didn’t get along with others…that was something else!

  • nick says:

    Haha yes its not quite like any other pets so far. I was lucky because they provided one of the volunteers drive me around to all the houses to shoot. Since they were much more familiar with the rabbits wrangling was so much easier. As for compositional changes it did take me awhile to take them slightly sideways and to keep in mind the MUCH longer ears 😀

    And yes that crazy “i’m not happy” stamp. I never knew a padded foot could sound so loud on tiled floors.

  • nicole says:

    haha… rabbit stamps either they not happy or sense got danger.. but in sg’s houses…. where got danger huh..

    their best power, stamp their feet or give u a powerful KICK…

  • nick says:

    I guess they didnt like my camera too much =p

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