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Schuyler’s Party

By September 10, 2009May 5th, 2012Blog, Uncategorized

What better way to spend an afternoon than at a party. Even more fun when its a dog party!

All doggy guests got a nice goodie bag while the humans left empty handed(but with a full tummy )

Waiting somewhat patiently for his friends to arrive while mom arranges the food

OMG are they here??

“You! Better bahave yourself” You can see he is quite remorseful =p

Some of the guests that day..




DeeDee (hope i wrote that down right)

Koffee (recently adopted!)

And the hyper active Darwin :D

You can almost hear him say.. “dropitdropitdropit”

Heres our birthday boy hanging out with his fanclub :)

More portraits of the star of the day…

How to make your birhtday wish? (Do dogs get 7 wishes per year? hehe)

Hope you had a great birhday! I certainly had fun being there!


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