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Noah’s Ark Visit

By September 13, 2009June 5th, 2010Blog

Since about 2006 I have been helping out with Noah’s Ark CARES as their photographer. I can safely say that with all the projects that I have helped them on since then they have greatly helped me improve my photography. The biggest project every year has always been their calendars which help raise quite a large sum of money needed by them to keep the 800+dogs and 400+ cats well fed and taken care of. Yes I said 800+ dogs and 400+ cats.

With last years calendar proving to be quite a hit I was under ALOT of pressure to deliver similar results again this year as they upped the printing quota in anticipation of hopefully repeated sales. The good news was that they did most of the admin work for me and all I had to do was shoot the ’stars’. One of the sessions involved me being driven across the causeway to Pekan Nanas in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. I had a great time up in the place, being surrounded by so many dogs (think 40) at once is truly something you have to experience first hand to appreciate. Without further ado, on with the pictures!

When you step in it kinda feels like this..

Many many dogs…

Running around..


Lazing in the sun

and just being dogs

Of course there were cats (this sweetie is Ms. February) curious as ever

But as always I was drawn back to the dogs..

And the people who work to keep them fed and healthy..

Some more dog portraits to share..

And my personal fav from the lot..

Phew thats all for now but do remember to check out the NANAS BLOG to find out how YOU can order your calendar! Also you can view more pictures over at Flickr. Stay tuned for more pictures from all the calendar sessions.


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