Strays: Shogi and Ah Lian

By February 20, 2011Others, Portraits

Thanks to a fellow twitter user Scookys, i had a chance to meet a pair of lovely strays!

First up is a bi-coloured girl called Shogi

While she was friendly, she still preferred to keep her distance from me as I was a stranger. Still she was obliging with the poses though.

Then there was Ah Lian, called as such due to her very gangster like character.

She does have a very interesting tri-colour mix of white-tabby-ginger though 😀 You can tell she is questioning why I’m taking her picture =p


She is a cat through and through with a swagger as she walks through her territory and confidently looks out across her domain 🙂

Its always interesting to meet street cats, you will never be short of surprises 🙂

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