Love Kuching: Adoptables

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I recently did a photoshoot for Love Kuching Project (Kuching means cat in Malay) and had plenty of fun photographing their many feline charges.

First up is Bob who, when found could not even walk due to nerve damage. Today he is very much active though has trouble coordinating at times.

Next we have Palette who was just vaccinated recently and will be available for adoption soon. Hard to resist that little ball of orange 😀

Then we have the very hyperactive Woody(Tabby) and Lana (Black). I’ll let the pictures do the talking..

Woody really is full of energy..

He did stop long enough for me to take a snap though 😀

Lana on the other hand was much calmer though this photo might suggest otherwise..

She is quite a poser though

If you have space in your homes for these kitties do contact the Love Kuching Project!

*edit* Palette and Woody have been adopted! Read more here!

*edit 2* Palette has sadly passed away :\



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