Love Kuching: Adoptables 2

By April 11, 2011Others, Portraits

Looks like this blog is on a kitten roll lately! Love Kuching has taken in many new kittens these last few weeks but thankfully has had mommy cats to help with the feeding!

First up what is cuter than one kitten? How about six! These tiny ones are not quite ready to be adopted yet as they are too young and are dependent on thier mom’s milk. They should start weaning soon though!

Bree’s kittens

Bree has also taken on these other three kittens found elsewhere.

Also a little too young to be adopted yet is Simone. She was found in a small box by my gf’s sister near her house. She brought the kitten over to Love Kuching during her lunch break where Bree has been a very good foster mommy.

Joey is still on rehab due to a skin infection but she should be adoptable soon!

Next up we have Bamboo, a very fiesty boy..

Who has an equally active brother called Berry.. who goes straight for the throat!

And the fairest of the lot, Barley

And finally the very sassy Kit, a pretty tri-colored girlwho would not keep still for very long 🙂

We ended up resorting to bribing her with treats.

We end of with pretty boy Wes who has been adopted already 😀 Here he i enjoying a belly rub..

If you can adopt or are interested in adopting any of the cats shown here do hop on over to Love Kuching to find out more now!