Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary

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Don’t let the name mis-lead you. This cat shelter which I had the pleasure to visit is in the heart of Rome, Italy. Its essentially a Roman ruin where the cats are allowed free- reign. A group of volunteers have helped to take care of the cats and run a no-kill shelter which is open to the public for visiting 🙂

Most of the cats are free-roaming such as this contemplative black kitty.

While others watch you like prey from the grass..

Some will prefer to do what all cats universally like to do..

Some cats rally knew how to pose. Here we have a modelling couple and a solo star 😀

They also have a cattery where the cats not too well adapted to outside life or have special needs can stay.

With the volunteers, there is always plenty of love to go around!

Do remember to check out their website to find out how you can adopt or help 🙂

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