Love Kuching: Adoptables 3

By June 4, 2011Others, Portraits

Went to see some adoptable kittens last weekend as well as to catch up on some familiar kitties!

*Much thanks to @daphnemaia @scookys and @sarahcoldheart for being impromptu assistants 🙂

First up are three orange kittens you might not recognise. First up Banana (L) and Brulee (R)

And little Bran

All are up for adoption except Brulee who is still on medication for flu.

Next up are siblings Tango (top) and Winky  (bottom)

Why Winky you ask? Well this picture should demonstrate quite clearly.

Winky also undergoing some treatment for flu and was apparently falling sick while we were there 🙂 That didnt stop him from playing with and annoying a familiar looking kitten..

Recognise her yet? Its Simone! She is now almost 4 months old nad has been eating plenty lately 🙂 Good to see her appetite back!

And lastly we see Echo. Compare her before and after shots 🙂 Her eye is still slightly closed but way better than before.




She has recovered very well and now loves to play more than anything!

And we end of with a quick shot of their mascot cat Sayang. Who would prefer it with less hyperactive kittens running around 😀


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