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Love Kuching: Carey, Kimmi, Edgar, Nova

By November 23, 2013Blog, Portraits

More adoptable kitties over at Love Kuching taken last week!

Two of Celine’s kittens, Carey and Kimmi have yet to find homes.

Carey is the more talkative of the bunch.


Meanwhile Kimmi is the smallest one who most resembles his Dad. Personality wise, he is more reserved and not as adventurous as the rest. Still look at the face 😀

It’s amazing he has not melted anyone’s heart yet.

A new cat up for adoption, is Edgar a rescue case from Eunos. (His back story is here) . If you see the before photos, its amazing what some TLC can do. This boy is still very reserved though and takes time to warm up to strangers. Still a very playful one though once he is comfortable enough.



We also have Nova who was rescued form a glue trap over at Novena (Story over here). Even though he is pending a home, it was hard to resist taking pictures of him especially with his lovely blue eyes!


Head-tilt + that face? How to resist?






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