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Neko No Niwa: Singapore’s First Cat Cafe!

By December 23, 2013Blog, Events, News

If you haven’t heard the news yet, you were probably living under a rock. Singapore’s first cat cafe is slated to open on Christmas day! We are proud to be one of the official partners providing photography for their 13 cats to help with thier website as well as the cat “menu”

If you want to see how we shot 13 cats in 2.5 hours take a look at this video.


Here is a quick banner of all 13 of the cats shot that day.

Facebook cover

Some selected shots of the cats..131204_NekoNoNiwa_043

The Dashing Mr. White. Yes that is not a typo

131204_NekoNoNiwa_057 131204_NekoNoNiwa_012

Kai Kai (left) and Skittles (right)


131204_NekoNoNiwa_006Miss Muffet


131204_NekoNoNiwa_065 131204_NekoNoNiwa_021

Dewey (Left) and Emma (Right)


131204_NekoNoNiwa_087Luna (left) Robbie (Right)

To see all 13 of them head on down to this gallery

As of now they accept phone reservations so better book your slot fast! For details about where they are or how to reserve a slot check them out this link





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