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Three days of semi-seclusion, BYOB (we brought more than enough) and access to a rooftop pool at almost all hours? Sounds like a GREAT idea. Sounds better than marooning yourself on a remote island for 3 days .

The thing is, the place was chosen mainly for the birthday boy. This dog’s priorities would be liver, milk and swimming in that order. Since three days of liver and milk would be out of the question for the humans we decided to compromise and let him enjoy #3. His younger brother gets to enjoy the spill-over benefits of this arrangement.

I was invited both as 24/3 (well it was 3.5 days) paparazzi and a pool party guest. Since I was mixing business with pleasure for this, I’d damn well better enjoy the heck out of it too.

Some highlights below. Click HERE to see the full story!


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